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<strong>#1:</strong> Personal Transformation

#1: Personal Transformation

The focus here is to help you and/or your team foster the mindset, skills and practices you need to incorporate into your daily plans and habits in order to enhance your chances of personal and professional success. Without these, 80% of professionals often struggle with their goals and dream and lose focus when they hit stumbling blocks.


<strong>#2:</strong> Business Acceleration

#2: Business Acceleration

The focus here is to help business owners run their ventures more effectively and profitably. The CRYSTALLIZE© Business Accelerator programme was created exclusively with business owners in mind and is designed to equip you to build a viable, profitable and sustainable venture in a systematic and trackable way.


<strong>#3:</strong> Leadership Excellence

#3: Leadership Excellence

The focus here is to help leaders lead with more impact and influence. You will be empowered with the vital tools and skills you need to effectively lead not only yourself but also your team. What you learn will help you confidently and strategically drive your vision, inspire success in others and accelerate growth in your organisation.




<b>Nargis Cross</b> - CEO, <a href="">Nargis Cross Photography</a> (London, UK)
Working with Noreen has helped structure my business’s daily activities for optimal performance. I have implemented the business tips she shared in my company and among my team, this has resulted in increased productivity and profit. Noreen has also helped me get over the hurdle of networking and following up with prospects in order to meet sales targets. Highly recommended!

Nargis Cross - CEO, Nargis Cross Photography (London, UK)


It very important to have someone who has gone down the road you wish to partake and let them guide you. This gives you a great deal of confidence in yourself and hopes for the future. Noreen Makosewe has been that to me and still is. Within 2 months of strategy consulting with Noreen, I secured 2 major corporate clients for my graphic design business, attracted new international clients for my t-shirt design and printing business, booked speaking engagements, got inducted into the Kenya National Basketball team, secured a joint-venture partnership and increased my income by 55%. Thanks to her sister for connecting us. We are still in the process and more great things are to come!

Collins Onyango - Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker & Pro Basketball Player (Nairobi, Kenya)


<strong>Yvonne Haizel</strong> - Founder and Managing Director of <a href=""></a> (International)
Noreen was instrumental in helping me take my business idea for Eminence Advisory from concept to implementation within a short time frame of 2 months. Having a new business idea can be daunting, particularly when you have no idea where to start. However, she helped by providing great advice and support every step of the way. From brainstorming ideas, establishing the business model, developing effective time management strategies to client retention strategies, the support was key in getting me started. I would certainly recommend Noreen and Radical Leap for anyone seeking to crystallize their business idea.

Yvonne Haizel - Founder and Managing Director of (International)


I recently needed to pitch a new revenue-generating concept to senior managers. Noreen gave me pointers on giving a winning presentation that converts. I wowed my superiors and now my concept has been approved and is awaiting implementation. Over the years, my sister and friend has coached me on various matters, ranging from writing a personal strategic plan to drafting negotiation letters yielding great results. Even healthy living tips. I particularly like her interactive approach; how she builds on what you already have. Every coaching experience with her is professional, fun and insightful. For anyone looking to build professional relationships and give results, I unequivocally recommend her.

Florence Makosewe - Innovation Officer, Kenya Revenue Authority (Nairobi, Kenya)


<b>Usha Oliver</b> - Transformational Coach, Training Consultant and CEO/Founder of Dare to Dream Ltd (London, UK)
Noreen is a gifted speaker, whose passion to see others succeed is evident in all she does. She works with integrity and her flair for the written word is second to none. She brings out the essence of words so powerfully, and her love for people is evident not only in the work forum but her personal life. she is genuine, trustworthy and wants the best in others. She coaches and mentors with empathy, and is able to touch and change lives. She strives for excellence preferring to praise others rather than take the credit herself. You recognise that the light is reflected from those you’ve helped shine. Your business acumen especially in finance is spot on. I enjoy her love for life, and how she has a way of bringing out the best in people. She is conscientious hardworking and has a way of cutting the “chaff from the wheat” a great gift which helped me when I was launching my business. As Maya Angelo puts is so succinctly – Phenomenal Woman – that’s who Noreen is.

Usha Oliver - Transformational Coach, Training Consultant and CEO/Founder of Dare to Dream Ltd (London, UK)


One of Noreen’s great strengths is that she really listens. She is able to then extract what you’ve spoken about and mirror them back to you; this is where self-revelation begins. Because you are then able to see exactly where your problems lie. After my session with Noreen, she promptly emailed me a documentation of our meeting with action points to tackle. This I found invaluable (and still do) as it gave me focus and also a means to change my circumstance in order to get back on track with my life.

Adanna Oji - Actress (London, UK)

<b>Laura Liles</b> - Transformational Coach, Speaker and Founder of <a href=""></a> (London, UK)
Noreen truly has a heart of gold and a willingness to help entrepreneurs succeed in business. Her knowledge and expertise far exceeds the standard business coach. She has taken time out of her schedule to support me in my business, and has given me concrete advice which helped me gain confidence as a business woman. Within days of meeting Noreen, I was able to implement tips and jump start my business. A great leader for people in business

Laura Liles - Transformational Coach, Speaker and Founder of (London, UK)


An encourager, a woman of wisdom and a true definition of motivation. Over the years Noreen has given me a new perspective on life, allowing me to open my eyes to the path of achieving my full potential. This woman has acquired so much knowledge that every time I meet with her, I have to carry a notepad and pen, because Noreen tells the truth. Not what you want to hear, but what you NEED to know and understand. I am honoured to have such a woman of excellence as a role model and mentor.

Mabel Agbenorto - Singer/Songwriter and Vocal Coach (London, UK)

<strong>Khama Anku</strong> - Life Coach, Business Mentor, Author, Speaker and Owner of <a href=""></a> (Los Angeles, US)
Noreen Makosewe of is one of the most insightful women I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with. Noreen was a featured expert on my and taught a tele-class on “Dare Boldly to Be Different: Unleash Your Personal Power”. She shared the 6 powers you absolutely MUST UNLEASH in your life in order to create the life you deserve and attract the opportunities, love and wealth you desire. Noreen was powerful, engaging and absolutely brilliant! I would highly recommend Noreen if you are seeking a life coach, trainer or speaker. She is based in the UK and available world-wide!

Khama Anku - Life Coach, Business Mentor, Author, Speaker and Owner of (Los Angeles, US)


Following the sessions with Noreen, I was able to make more informed decisions concerning the strategies needed to take our organisation to the next level. These strategy sessions gave me more confidence to take steps that I would have otherwise thought were too big. We are excited that our organisation is moving in the right direction and the future is bright. Thank you, Noreen.

Samson Oguntayo - Founder/CEO, Inside Out Marketing Solutions (London, UK)

<b>Adwoa Ramsay</b> - Founder, <a href="">B.Y.E (Be Yourself Exquisitely)</a> (London, UK)
Noreen Makosewe is truly a breath of fresh air when it comes to empowerment and motivation! I invited her to speak at our 2015 Woman’s conference never having heard her speak before! Well to say I was blown away is an understatement! She opened our eyes to limitless possibilities and adventures! She spoke profoundly in the simplest way! No woman left untouched or unchanged! She is truly the motivational listener! She has helped me not only from a business aspect but also personally! She is definitely one to watch in the coming years as I believe her wisdom and grace will truly have her helping women from the elite professional - to the amazing house wife/mom! If you’re looking for wisdom, grace, insight for the future or just someone who can see your vision and help you see your next step as clear as day then she is your girl!

Adwoa Ramsay - Founder, B.Y.E (Be Yourself Exquisitely) (London, UK)


Noreen has given me some life coaching a few years ago and I am still very grateful. My life has changed a lot since then, and I partly owe it to her advice. She pointed out how I needed to better manage my time and encouraged me to discipline myself. I have promised not waste my energy with worthless causes and I have learnt how important it is to keep the right focus. I am very grateful for the valuable help and advice she provided and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs direction and a clearer insight.

Cezira Urzi Brancati - Film Writer & Research Fellow (London, UK)

<b>Ryeal Simms</b> - Celebrity Relationship Coach and The Prepare for Love Specialist (Los Angeles, US)
Dare Boldly to be Different fits your mission and what you do perfectly. I enjoyed your input on the Ask Patricia Radio Show on The 5 Love Languages as well as the world news as it relates to relationships. You brought out many great points! I look forward to working with you in the future.

Ryeal Simms - Celebrity Relationship Coach and The Prepare for Love Specialist (Los Angeles, US)


Noreen is really something special. Noreen is a hardworking entrepreneur with excellent interpersonal and practical skills, which she uses effectively to work strategically with other businesses to support growth. In the last year (2014), GCA International worked with Noreen in Africa and the results were very positive. Her contribution to the partnership was invaluable. Thumbs up to our continued partnership.

Justina Ilochi - CEO, Gender & Child Advancement International (London, UK)

<b>Lexy Owusu-Boahene</b> - Host, Emerging West Africa Conference (London, UK)
Noreen is a phenomenal woman; she is very personable, bright and is a fantastic listener. In the early days of August, Noreen accepted my proposal to speak voluntarily at The Emerging West Africa event. She over exceeded the expectation of our audience, she shared her personal journey and enabled us all to take a Radical Leap of Faith. Thank you Noreen!

Lexy Owusu-Boahene - Host, Emerging West Africa Conference (London, UK)