5 Tips to Overcome Fear and Market with Confidence

There are three vital things every business owner must consider in the business planning process; branding, pricing and marketing. A business that is able to confidentlyskillfully and consistently convince its target audience to buy into its brand is more
likely to generate both profits and a loyal following than one that struggles to build a connection.

In a study, sales consulting firm, The Bridge Group, found that it takes an average of seven touches (getting in touch) to convert a “suspect” (potential client) to a “prospect” (willing to consider making a purchase). In more complex sales processes it takes between nine and eleven touches – and sometimes more – before a deal is closed. As an business owner, this means that it’s important not to give up on marketing too early in the relationship-building process.

An effective marketing strategy is the lifeline of any and every enterprise. Without marketing, a business is virtually invisible. And without confidence in one’s own vision or brand, it’s impossible to deliver a convincing message that converts prospects to clients.

Confidence grows with experience and becomes stronger as results are achieved. Whether you’re an aspiring, new or established business owner, remember that success is a journey and every achievement serves as an anchor to remind you that nothing is impossible with confidence, focus and resilience.

Here are 5 tips to help you boost your confidence as you start or grow your business:

  1. Know Yourself
    Get clear on your personal identity as well as brand identity. What are your personal values? What are your business principles? What are your brand pillars? What is your core message and at whom is it aimed? When you know who you are and others are clear about the same, they will know if your brand is for them and gravitate towards you. If potential clients or investors are
    confused about this, they’ll go elsewhere.
  2. Know Your Worth
    Understand that just because you charge less doesn’t mean you will attract more clients. It’s interesting that high value clients do not mind paying more for high quality products and services. Do not be afraid to articulate your worth or ask for a sale. Create value and deliver on your promises. Building trust goes a long way in proving your worth in the market place.
  3. Know Your Product/Service
    What exactly are you offering your clients through your product or service? What problem is it solving for them? How does it work and what are the benefits users will derive? If you don’t know your unique offering, you’ll struggle to confidently convince the market place of your worth.
  4. Know Your Target Market
    Who are your potential or current clients? What do they want? It’s great to know what theyneed but that is irrelevant when creating your product, service or marketing campaign. As an entrepreneur your success is dependent on delivering what the market wants and demands.
  5. Know Your Industry
    Who are your competitors? What changes are taking place in your industry that will influence how you market your brand and deliver on your promises? How is the world economy influencing your industry? How can you become dynamic in your strategy?

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