How To Navigate the Challenges of Entrepreneurship and Achieve Your Goals

The sea of entrepreneurship is not always going to be smooth sailing. There will be many productive days and some challenging ones. As an entrepreneur there will be days you may feel inadequate or have your confidence knocked by unexpected or challenging experiences. What do you do when that happens?

Over time, I have learnt that eliminating the words “bad day” from your vocabulary can dramatically transform how quickly you go through and what you learn from experiences that do not live up to your expectations. With time you will learn that all thing will work together for your good. Even seemingly soul-destroying challenges will often unleash the greatness in you, depending on the meaning you choose to give them.

It is normal to feel anxious, fearful or have a temporary crisis of confidence. It would be a lie to say that even the most accomplished entrepreneurs on earth never experience these emotions at one point or another. However, (please) do not let your challenges so paralyse you that you render yourself incapable of pursuing your goals. Challenges do not take from you or instil in you what is not already there. If anything, they unveil strength, courage, resilience and creativity you probably never even knew you had.

Within you are life-changing solutions to some of the world’s most challenging problems. There are people hungry for knowledge and solutions your gifts, products or services can provide and your role is to figure who those people are and how you can deliver what they need in the best and quickest way possible.

In the midst of challenges, the way forward is not always plain to see, but it is possible to find. Many times I have found a way even when there seemed to be none. Similarly, clients I have coached and mentored have found ways to conquer their setbacks and boldly advance their dreams in phenomenal ways.

So take up your ‘tools’ and get to work. Celebrate your great days. And for days where you need a little pick-me-up to keep going, remember these:

  1. Challenges are seeds of opportunity
    They exercise our mental acuity and sharpen our analytical skills. They make us more resourceful and innovative in finding solutions to our challenges. In so doing, we learn how we can help others overcome the same challenges we have overcome and turn this into a service or a product.
  2. Challenges could signal elevation
    Sometimes, just before you experience a major elevation or up-leveling in your life or business you will face every gremlin in town trying to stop you from reaching the very thing(s) you have worked so hard for. The greatest harm they can do to you is make you change your mind about yourself and your dreams. Don’t let them!
  3. Challenges develop character
    Character is developed in the dungeon of adversity. In some cases, only after we have been through trying time do we discover hidden potential and become the best version of ourselves.
  4. Your words could accelerate or delay the solution
    Your words carry power so try not to affirm the problem by talking about it over and over again. Instead, ask yourself powerful questions that make you think outside the box. Affirm your ability to find the right solution. For example:

    • “Here is an opportunity to use my problem-solving skills. How do I go about changing this situation?”
    • “I am equipped, I am capable and I am ready to face this!”
  5. Challenges test your resolve
    Remember why you started the journey in the first place. Your motives and purest intentions. Think of the rewards you will receive for the sacrifices you make and the alternative if you choose to stop, give-up and walk-away from your dreams.
  6. Believe that all things are possible
    In the words of I-don’t-know-who, “Keep calm and carry on!” All things are possible if you believe. Hold on to the belief that there are better days and greater rewards ahead and keep working towards creating and living your dream life.

The Motivational Listener

Noreen is a Business Advisor, Brand Strategist and Leadership Consultant with years of experience coaching, training and consulting for businesses keen to boost performance, productivity and profits. She helps mission-driven Visionaries, Leaders & Creators take their ideas from-concept-to-reality faster and get paid to serve the world doing what they love.

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