Overthinking Will Kill Your Dreams. Here’s How to Handle It

While everyone overthinks situations once in a while, for some people overthinking is their main stumbling block to success. Overthinking will cause you to play old conversations or mistakes over and over again, waste time second-guessing decisions you make, and imagine the worst about opportunities before trying anything. Not only will it cause you stagnation, it will give you stress and may actually make you ill.

If you realise that you struggle with chronic overthinking, here are some things you can do to get yourself unstuck:

  1. Learn your patterns of overthinking
    One of my close friends struggled with overthinking. She was brilliant at what she did but every time an opportunity was presented to her, she would overanalyse every possibility and think the opportunity to death. In that time, she would take herself through every imaginable emotion and eventually either respond too late or turn the opportunity down without being involved in it. I sometimes wondered how many great opportunities she missed doing this. What are your thought patterns?
  2. Focus on the solution and taking action
    Have you ever been in a situation where a problem is being spoken about over and over again with no plan to move from the problem to the solution? It can be very frustrating. It’s easier to find solutions when you focus on what is in your power to do – like your mindset, your attitude and strategies to move forward.
  3. Schedule time to think and put a time limit on it
    This is a very powerful exercise if you want to master your inner game and dominate your plans. Scheduling thinking time in your daily schedule can help you build the habit of being decisive. Carving out 20 – 30 minutes of ‘thinking time’ in your daily schedule can help you tackle challenges effectively. Give yourself time to analyse the possibilities and make a decision. Once your thinking time is over, move on to something else. Over time you will find that your decision-making is less painful and more timely.

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